It goes without saying that family always comes first, but that idealistic work/life balance isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s not until your life becomes unbalanced that you realise one side is overweighted. For our family, we really had to take a step back and analyse what was tipping the scales. It was clearly the demands of work-life for Darren. That’s why it’s so important for us to be local painters in Lake Macquarie. We realised that painting local had to be at the centre of every decision we made from that moment onward.

Painters in Lake Macquarie

We have both grown up in East Lake Macquarie. After meeting many years ago we decided to circle back and raise our family here as well. It’s the lifestyle, our lake and the community that not only drove our personal choices but our business ones as well.

My dad was a painter, my brother is a painter, and yes, I’ve married a painter. So wait, that makes me a painter’s daughter, sister and wife. You would think I might have picked up a paintbrush being surrounded by this trade. No, not me, I’m really not a fan. I’ll leave that to the experts.

Darren the family man

I’ll never forget the day we found out we were having our first baby. He did this little dance around the backyard. Darren has a really strong bond with our kids. He’s the one who constructs model projects with our son for hours on end, or teachers our daughter how to play the guitar.

Last year big events changed our future. We both lost parents and it was the toughest year we have ever had together as a couple. But, somehow we have come out stronger than ever. It reminded us how precious life is and how every moment with the kids meant we could create another memory for them. This is what has driven the creation of Lake Mac Painting.

Business plan

We both want Lake Mac Painting to be a business built on values, on relationships and community trust. It’s our goal to not only paint houses but form friendships within the greater community that Lake Macquarie has. Connections that will not only enrich our lives but also those of our neighbours.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you bring your vision to life.