Sometimes jobs are straight forward, and then you have jobs that require so much prep work they tend to take on a life of their own. To achieve the best residential interior painting on a job like this, you have to put in the labour. The walls were old and worn, the cornice dark and peeling back, and the woodwork was previously painted using the wrong paint. It’s a job most painters will overprice or simply walk away from and with good reason. I mean, who wants to tackle a job that requires more work than others?

Old Valentine

Named as such by locals because the suburb of Valentine has expanded so much since 1916. This is when the well-known property developer, Henry F Halloran, subdivided the land for sale. Old Valentine refers to all the houses on the lakeside of Croudace Bay Road. This side of Valentine is considered the original part of this village-style suburb of Lake Macquarie.

Many houses in old Valentine offer sensations water views that stretch far across magnificent Lake Macquarie. Recently we were invited to quote one of these light-filled properties and transform it into a family home.

Residential interior painting

When you’re thinking about getting your interior painted, keep in mind how much work is involved in the preparation. If you want your home to be transformed from old to new, then it’s worth making sure you have the right painter. Not all painters are the same, just like any trade. It comes down to experience, pride, ability and communication skills because they have to know exactly what you want.

If you’re unsure about which painter to choose for your work, or what to look out for, you might find our guide useful: Choosing a house painter: What you don’t know.